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Your Child IS Special!

We all want our children to be seen as special. The pressure to perform and excel is unprecedented in modern times. It is no longer enough to do well, you need to do best. Where does that leave the child who has special learning needs and is struggling just to do anything?

While the emphasis on success and rewards is beating down on all of us, none of it is healthy. Your child is not less because he isn’t above everyone in x, y, and z! In fact, he is special in just the ways he is meant to be!

what makes your special needs child super

All of us have unique gifts, strengths, and abilities that make us amazing. While focusing on the weaknesses is a usual way for dealing with struggles, it is not the path to true success. Every person has a weakness however that is not what makes him remarkable. It is his passion and gift!

Imagine if Einstein were measured on his ability to sculpt or VanGogh on his chemistry exams. We know these names because of what they did well and gifted to this world. What does your child have to offer?

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