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When the Answer is No

This is a post that I hoped I would not have to write, but His Ways are not our ways.  His Plan is perfect even when it is not the plan we would every choose for ourselves or our loved ones.  Thank you all who have joined me in praying for James Fischer–praying, pleading, begging for a miracle. I know that God could have just spoken a word and James would have awoken, completely healed.  He could have easily reached down and performed a mighty miracle.  Our God is completely capable, capable beyond our highest of thoughts and our wildest of dreams.  But…sometimes the answer is no.  Sometimes the yes and the miracle that we are pour our heart and soul into obtaining isn’t the one that is what we should seek.

God has healed James in the most profound and complete way possible.  His broken body and fallen nature are now completely whole.  There is no more pain, there are no more tears, no disappointments, no longings, no regret from missteps or bruises from tumbles along the way.  With God there is only peace and love.  With Him, there is only truth and justice–sorrow and lies have fallen away.  This new dawn for James is one of perpetual light.

Yet, we are hurting.  It does not make sense, it seems so wrong!  With all the faith and hope, there are still questions and disappointment that our prayers were not answered in the way of our choosing.  I do not know why it was Charlie and Bill’s son who was involved in that horrific crash–why them, why doting parents, fervent believers, model citizens.  I do not know why it was James whose life was cut so short–a young man so full of promise, hard work, and compassion for his family and all those he met.  Why God?  Why him?  Did he not prove his work ethic? Did he not serve you enough?  Did you not see how the love for him overflowed from his parents’ hearts?  Do you not know how desperately they will miss him, how badly they need him home?

Sometimes God’s no is a yes in disguise.  Losing James will be that hardest road his parents ever walk.  Yet, there are fates worse that death.  While we hope for years of life here on this earth, we all hope for life eternal after our death.  A life lived basking in God’s Glory for all eternity is not a defeat, it is a tremendous reward.  James lived a life of faith and good works, though his tangible life has ended, there is hope that his soul lives on in peace and joy forever and ever, amen.

Death hurts so much on this side of heaven, because it was never meant to be.  How it grieves Our Father, also.  He wished for us to live in tranquility and plenty all the days of our lives, a life without end, without grief or bloodshed.  However, sin entered His paradise and a fallen world has become our plight.  Death has not won, though. Hell shall not prevail.  In His perfect, adorable Plan, God provided for our ungrateful misdeeds and won for each of us a share in His eternal Kingdom.

This is the day that the LORD sacrificed His only Son for us.  How terribly he must have wept to watch His Beloved Son suffer so heinously.  How truly pierced was the heart of His mother, who surely begged for a miracle to save her only Son.  Yet, through that terrible tragedy the greatest victory of creation was won, the gates of heaven were opened once more that none should perish.

There still are no words to take this hurt away, no consolation that will act as a balm for the hearts who loved James.  All there is is hope in our eternal inheritance and faith that God is in control and He has already won.  Death has been vanquished.  The overwhelming sting of loss is conquered by the endless mercy and depth of compassion that is Our LORD.

Our answer was no…but the LORD has still won, may He heal our hearts, in time, and comfort all our afflictions.

2 thoughts on “When the Answer is No

  1. My son died on the 18th of July. One day, as I sobbed in a dark corner at work, an unseen Hand raised my head, and whispered these words to me:
    On the 18th of July, he chose Heaven.

    While this did not dry my tears, from then on I wept over the greatness of a faith that chose a heaven not seen, over the earth much loved.

    And he was barely three years of age.

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