Remembering Home

With cleaning out my childhood home and house hunting, the concept of home has been on my mind a lot. Where is home? What makes it home? What happens when home is no longer your own?

We have been evaluating foreclosures and pursuing real estate listing–often getting side tracked with the absurd, such as the home that is listed so cheaply that it obviously is barely standing but has “tons of potential for those with vision” and the $8 million estate with 15 bedrooms and it’s own lake.  So far, nothing has felt right and the homes we have seriously considered have all fallen through for various reasons.

Searching for home has reminded me that this isn’t my home. My husband has a saying, “Not our kingdom, not our home.”  It can be frustrating but it is true.  While we debate floor plans, lot location, number of rooms and affordability; we must remember that our ever lasting mansion is already under construction.

I know that I, for one, am not always the best contractor for that mansion. Like our searches on Zillow, I get sidetracked looking at what I don’t have and getting puffed up about what I do. I get agitated by the interruptions to my all important search and make myself and my goals the center of the known universe.

This year, I am trying very hard to see where I am forcing Christ out of my life and serving only myself. I am trying to be more deliberate about every word that I speak, and what choose to do and fail to do. I am trying hard to be a better contractor, building up the walls of holiness and laying floors of truth and beauty, instead of tearing down what others have created.  My search for home will not be complete in this life, it will only be fulfilled in the next–however, I can only stroll those golden streets if I have first labored for the sake of the Kingdom while still a world away.

Please join me tomorrow for Pretty-Happy-Funny-Real and Friday for Giveing Up to the LORD for Lent. God bless.

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