Novena, persecution, prayer requests

Novena Day 5

Thank you for once again coming to pray with me.  There is much to pray for, much sadness and darkness, but we are a people of hope. With faith, there is always hope and never true fear.  Like Moses at the banks of the Red Sea, we are lifting our arms to the LORD in praise and obedience.  The Israelites did not try to fight, they did not try to run, they did not abandon their quest for the Holy Land. They simply walked through a open piece of land with walls of water on either side and an army on their heels. Terrifying, right?  No, because they had God before them and behind them. There was nothing to fear, and terrorists only win if they create terror. So let us pray once more for their conversion and adoption of peace instead of war. We can never pray for our enemies too much, Jesus asked us to do so!  God we lift our hearts in praise that we can have hope and pray for our enemies instead of fearing them!

Please pray nine Memorare prayers, one Hail, Holy Queen, and one St. Michael Prayer. Thank you!

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