Homeschool Mom Cafe Group

How could just $2 per day change your life?

Looking for a group just for you? Not another curriculum planning group (although those are wonderful, too) or another one where you can only talk about books or nature study or your child’s lesson plans??

Yes, I know what you mean! All those are important for homeschooling, but you know what is the most important part of your homeschool??? YOU!!

I can remember days when I wished there were just someone, anyone, who I could reach out to that understood where I was. How could there be no one? Does homeschooling mean total isolation?? It doesn’t!!

You are the backbone and brains of this amazing and challenging operation.

How would you treat a special tool or an expensive textbook? You would take care of it, right?

It’s time you do just that for yourself, who is worth far more than even the most expensive science lab kit.

Introducing the Homeschool Mom Cafe, a place to gather, learn, grow, get support, and nurture amazing moms.

I have a dream of building a community for moms to not just get homeschool information but get the love and support they need to be the amazing women they are meant to be!


In this group we will:

Host quarterly book clubs (Alternating between classic literature and homeschool related titles)

Host quarterly moms night “in” with prizes and mystery hostess gifts

Learn from two guest speakers every month

Explore and preview curriculum and homeschool related products from eclectic sources(Hey, you know we love it!)

Receive monthly tools and printable to make your homeschool life easier

Laugh, cry, and make those connects that make our hearts sing on even the hardest days




Have you ever bought someone a present and you just could not contain your excitement as you waited for it to opened?? Well, that is exactly how I feel right now.


I want to give you the gift of love, support, fun, friendships, and nurturing that every homeschool mom deserves!


Sign up today, for a special trail offer!! Only $5 for your first month.

Membership will be $15 after initial month.


Sign up for the whole year and receive two months for FREE!!! (That’s just $12.50/month)