Homeschool Consulting

I can remember my early days of deciding to homeschool, the overwhelming fear and endless questions. I didn’t personally know anyone who homeschooled. Through the years, my path had crossed with other homeschool families but not at a time where I was even considering that. (Most of my experience was when I was still in school myself.)

How I wished someone could just come along side me and tell me what to do. It was all so overwhelming. As time passed and I got more experience, found more homeschool friends, and began to understand the homeschool world, it got better. Why did it have to be so hard, though?

Are you new to homeschooling? Just exploring your options? Have you been homeschooling for a few years but need some support and guidance to tackle the next school year?

Homeschooling is hard work! It requires a great deal of organization, energy, and dedication to make it through. There will be times of tears–both you and the kids!

However, it is moreover a great gift to give your family. Not only will it provide a better education experience, it builds a stronger family culture. Your children will benefit from more time with you, for sleep, and for play! In the end, you will have the chance to capture every precious moment of those all to rapid childhoods.

No one knows, loves, or will advocate more for your child than you! Homeschooling is possible! It is a viable option for your family and I am here to show you how to make it work.

Are you overwhelmed with the options out there? Confused by the seemingly endless styles of homeschooling? Are you unsure of what your families needs to succeed? Or are you done with over priced box curriculum that don’t seem to serve your family?

All of these are common frustrations that are easily solved.

You can homeschool! With a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of prayer, your homeschool can be all you dream it to be.

Hop on a consultation call with me and get answers to your questions, a follow up with resources discussed, and personalized attention. We’ll discuss your families unique gifts and challenges, help you set goals for your year, and work out a plan that can easily be implemented to get you there.

Schedule a free consultation call today!