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Healthy Breakfast Ideas in 7QT

Linktoberfest continues. Last week, I shared my menu planning strategies to eat healthy on a tight budget. This week I am featuring my breakfast plans, since I have taken on that meal as a project to better plan and ensure the kids are getting better nutrition first thing in the morning.


First, I make sure to purchase the following items to have on hand to round out breakfast and fill gaps between when I get to actually make something. We always buy boxes of raisins, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, organic mini shredded wheat (plain), organic vanilla yogurt, and oatmeal. A couple times a month I cook up an egg for each child.  Having easy nutritious items on hand really helps during busy weeks.


A favorite ‘re pie of ours is “breakfast cookies.”  Perfect to make with overrule bananas.  If I end up with an over ripe banana or two, I stick it in the freezer, once I have about six, I make cookies.  I base the cookies on this recipe.  However, I alter it based on what I have on hand.  Instead of the applesauce, I put in two tablespoons of flax meal soaked in one cup of water. I also cut down the dried fruit and add in some sunflower or pumpkin seeds.


New this month are these paleo pancakes that I can’t wait to try.  I plan on adding flax seeds, cinnamon, and some unsweetened coconut flakes. I am going to make a big batch on the weekend, then we can just heat up as needed.  I have six large plantains waiting for yumminess!


Another experiment is Chia pudding.  I’m not sure what extras I will put in this, depends on what’s still available when we get there.  We have a steady stream of Autumn Berries right now, so they may make an appearance.


My children really like muffins, but I rarely buy them.  Now that the weather is cooler, it’s time for some baking.  I am going to make these muffins, but sub in garbanzo flour for half the coconut to up the nutrition.  So, I will be using two eggs, plus two tablespoons of flax meal soaked in a cup of water.  Also, we are adding Autumn Berries to these, so I am cutting the maple syrup down to 2 Tablespoons, since the super tart berries become super sweet when baked.  I am so looking forward to these, making a double batch for sure.


Kelly wants to know my favorite blogger that I discovered on 7QT. Well, pretty lady, that would be you!  I first came across Kelly’s blog when she guest hosted 7QT for Jennifer.  It is a blog I kept coming back to, and the one that I follow the most regularly.  Thanks, Kelly, for a great blog and hosting all of us blogging ladies each Friday.


Speaking of Kelly, I joined her accountability group on Facebook.  I set a goal of two posts this week and reading five chapters of the book I reviewed.  This is post #1 and it’s Friday….gotta come up with something else, and quick!  ­čÖé

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