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5 Faves: Communion Preparation

So, Buddy’s First Communion is in four months–FOUR MONTHS!!!!!  That might as well be tomorrow as far as my uber planning personality is concerned.  Now that the distractions of moving and the holiday season has passed. It is time to get down to business.  I realized that I have not yet begun the Communion notebook that I was planning.  So here is my finalized plan for you, but also for me.  I will try to post pictures of sample pages, too.

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I am a Child of God Section-  These pages will be about Buddy and his life in the Church.  It will contain the following pages:
  1. My Name– The pictures and names of his two patron saints. (You could also include a story of how the name was picked.)
  2. My Baptism–Pictures and details about his baptism including date, place, and Godparents. (I am also going to make a second page with his “Baptismal Garment” on it.)
  3. My Favorite Saints– Pictures and descriptions of his two favorite saints. 

Salvation History Section- These pages will trace the plan of salvation from Genesis to the Gospels
  1.  God Makes the Earth–List the seven days of Creation and what happened on each day.  (Just a sentence for each at most, this should fit on one page.)
  2. Adam and Eve–Narration of the fall and entrance of original sin in Buddy’s own words.  (I will have him tell me the story as I write so there isn’t any pressure of spelling, etc.)
  3. Noah and the Covenant– We will read the story of the flood and make a page with a rainbow and God’s promise to Noah.
  4. Jesus is born–A decorative page where Buddy can draw the story of the first Christmas.
  5. Teachings of Jesus–I am using this book and having Buddy design a page with words and drawings to explain what he learned from the book.
  6. Jesus Redeems the World–A narration in his own words of how Jesus suffered, died, and rose to free us from our sins.
My First Reconciliation Section–These two pages as a way to remember and preserve the memory of this special day and how Buddy felt about it.
  1. Pictures of My Day–A scrapbook style page of the photos I took.
  2. My Memories from that Day–A narration of Buddy’s memories and what reconciliation meant to him.

The Most Holy Eucharist Section–This will be an explanation of the Eucharist and why it is so special. 
  1. The Last Supper–A page of drawings and words by Buddy to show what happened on the last supper, which was the first Eucharistic sacrifice.
  2. Eat My Body, Drink My Blood–A narration of how Jesus’ body and blood became the Holy Eucharist offered for all our sins.
  3. Patron Saint of First Communion–A scrapbook style page for Blessed Imelda.  (We will read her story and listen to the Holy Heroes version before creating this page.)

My First Holy Commuion Section–These pages, like the First Reconciliation section are a scrapbook of sorts to preserve the memories and pictures of this most special day.
  1. Pictures of My Day–Buddy will get to pick which pictures he wants to include and create page(s) to keep in his notebook.
  2. My Memories from that Day–A narration of Buddy’s memories and what receiving Jesus for the first time meant to him.
  3. Family and Friends–A scrapbook of cards and notes from family and friends.
  4.  A Letter to Buddy–As I have for special events in all my children’s lives, I am going to write and scrapbook a special letter to Buddy, if I can see the page through my tears.

For any information on the books we are using to prepare for First Communion, please check out my post in the Let’s Get Planning Section on Fist Communion Preparation.

Any questions or recommendations?  Please leave a comment, I love to hear from you.  

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